Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Favorite Things About Winter

Since the dog days of winter are still upon us, I am trying to feel better about it by thinking about, and making the most of, all the things I like about this season. Things that help to make it more bearable.

Being snowed in - While this is a negative situation, it does have a certain cozy, even romantic side to it. I'm a homebody, so staying in and curling up on the sofa works for me.

My comforter - Pretty, thick and floral. My toasty old comforter has seen me through the last nine or ten winters, and it is one of my favorite things overall.

Frost patterns on the windows - Only in winter do you get to enjoy free artwork like this.

Critters! - Always entertaining, the birds and squirrels practically perform for food in the winter, making for some great photos. I also love watching my cats play in the snow. My male cat likes to run through deep snow, and he looks so funny when he does.

Snow - We love to hate the white stuff, it's true. But in small amounts, it is not bad. It's pretty to look at, and no matter how old I get, there is always something magical about the first snowfall of the season. (And then I get cranky about having to brush it off the car.)

Winter fun - I am not a winter sports person, and I don't like to be out in the snow for too long these days, but I love when I see kids out having fun in the snow. It brings back fond memories of playing outside in the snow when I was a little girl. I used to love making snow angels. (I can't do that anymore, unfortunately). I also have some great old photos of the snow fort the adults built for my little sister and me one winter.

Spring will be here soon (I hope), and I hate to admit it, but I will miss my favorite things about winter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Predictably Unpredictable

It's funny how we like our predictions. We like to read our horoscopes; some folks even consult psychics. This time of year we look to the groundhog to determine whether or not we'll see an early Spring. (At least one I know of said we will - yay!)

Sometimes we just want to know what the future holds. But sometimes we prefer the element of surprise.

My horoscope the other day played up the unpredictability of life. It read that as badly as I want to know what the coming year holds, there is a certain beauty to a blank slate, and this is the time to let my fantasies soar. So I guess it's time to think happy thoughts and hope for the best.

Predictability can lessen the appeal of some things at times, but there is a certain amount of comfort that can come from it. Even the "same old same old" routine or daily work schedule can be reassuring. Boring as it can seem, we are grateful for it.

Then there is the way you can know someone so well, you can predict what they are going to say or do. That kind of closeness is a precious thing.

Even though some things may be predictable, life in general is not. It is understandable that we'd want to know what is in store for us in the future. Still, no one can really predict what is going to happen. The suspense can be a good thing, though. There's no fun in seeing a new movie if you already know how it's going to end. It's more fun thinking of the possibilities.