Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Journey Begins

This is my first post on my new blog. I haven't blogged before, but I love to write, and I keep my own personal book of lists, which I'll probably write about sometimes. I thought about doing this blog for a long time. What would I write about? What would I call it? After going back and forth on titles, I decided to call my blog Every Step Is A Journey.

I guess the main reason I thought of the title is because I have MS, and I walk rather slowly now, so for me every step sometimes does feel like it's a journey. But I also got to thinking of how throughout our lives we are constantly going on journeys, how the different stages and facets of our lives are all journeys.

I thought about how important it is to have a positive attitude, to learn from and appreciate life and not take things for granted.

I want to share some of my knowledge of living with MS, but I also want to focus on dealing with some of the other things in life that may challenge us and, more importantly, appreciating things that make life wonderful.

So for me, this is a new journey. I am going into the world of blogging. I hope I will be able to keep my posts fresh and interesting. I hope that whoever reads my blog will enjoy it.

I'll start by talking about another journey I have been on for nine years now. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999 after I began experiencing weird numbness. Over the course of about a month, it had spread from my feet to my abdomen. It was a frightening time for me. Getting the diagnosis answered the question of the numbness, but left me facing what is still an uncertain future.

Over the years I have seen some worsening of my condition. As I mentioned, I walk much slower now, and my coordination isn't the greatest. I also experience a lot of fatigue. It is sometimes difficult to do the things I want to do. I've had to stop working for now, but I hope to begin working again in some capacity soon.

The one thing having MS has taught me is to think positively. I don't get downhearted because of my MS. It's just another thing I have to deal with. MS is rarely at the forefront of my thoughts. I've learned to appreciate things so much more. I maintain a healthy sense of humor which helps a lot. I think my patience has improved also (well, a little bit anyway). Probably the thing I dislike most about having MS is that I can't run now. I've never been a runner in a sport sense, I just miss having the ability to run.

There's a music video by James Blunt for his song "High" that shows him running through a forest. I have to admit my eyes well up with tears when I watch the video. I love the song, though. And I imagine that I am running through that forest. Then I feel happy. I suppose it's because I remember what it feels like to run. That freeing feeling, the wind in your hair, the exhilaration. I am glad that I've known that feeling.

It's a small thing to feel good about, but sometimes it's the small things that make us the happiest. I'm a big believer in appreciating little things, little moments, special memories. I'll probably write more about that sometime. I just think it's important to stay connected to the past, live well in the present and to make sure those little things don't escape us in our busy lives.

So what else can I say about myself? Well, I have three cats. I live in the city, but I am a big nature lover. Besides writing and doing word puzzles, I guess my only other hobby would be spending time outdoors. I feed the birds and squirrels in my yard. I love to plant flowers. I love to go to the park near my home and sit and dangle my feet in the creek and maybe find a pretty rock. Like I said, little things. I'm a simple gal, I guess.

So my new journey has begun. I guess now I'll take a deep breath and look forward to continuing on it.

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