Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Year I Resolve To...

My horoscope for today talked about focusing on the future and new opportunities over the next twelve months. It suggested writing a letter to myself to be read a year from now about what I'd like the new year to bring.

So here goes.

Dear Lenore,

I hope this past year has brought you better things than the previous year. I hope you've been able to get back into the working world in a way that allows you to work around your fatigue and not have to give up the comforts that come with having a regular paycheck.

I hope you've cut out the bad feelings or anything that was making you feel bad is no longer doing so. I hope you've been able to move on with your life and let others you've been disappointed by go on with theirs and wished them luck. Maybe someday they will come back to you and want to be the kind of people you need in your life. In the meantime, you know you've always had one person in your life who never lets you down - you.

I hope you are happier now and have achieved everything you wanted to achieve this past year. Hopefully you're feeling good physically and have dropped some of the weight you wanted to lose:) I hope you've made some new friends or maybe reconnected with some old friends, and more importantly, family you had lost touch with. Hopefully everything is going well with all of them, and your relationships with them are good and strong.

I hope you got everything you needed this past year, and that your money troubles were eased.

I hope you are on track to becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to live.

I know you wish the same things for everyone that you wish for yourself.

Happy New Year.

I think writing this letter has helped me sort out what needs changing in my life and it will help me to keep my resolutions this year. This was a good idea. I think everyone should do this New Year's letter.

My New Year's resolutions:

  • Return to work in some capacity.

  • Eat healthier.

  • Continue working on my blog and finish my other projects.

  • Be happier.

  • Stick to my resolutions.

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