Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I Like to Read My Horoscope

Some people think astrology is a bunch of hooey. I'm not sure I totally believe in it either, but I have to admit, I do like reading my daily horoscope.

Horoscopes may not always reflect what's really going on in our lives, but there are days when my horoscope, while not dead on, comes pretty close to addressing issues I am actually having, or just how I am feeling.

Just recently I wrote about being cautiously optimistic, and the next day my horoscope warned against getting my hopes up too high and advised using "caution" with optimism. It's pretty cool when my horoscope says stuff I've been thinking about anyway.

Of course, not all horoscopes offer the same predictions. The newspaper may say one thing, and my horoscope on Yahoo! may say something different. So it's not an exact science, but I still find horoscopes useful.

Some great things about horoscopes are:

They can put you in the right mindset. When I read my horoscope in the morning and it says I'm going to have a good day, I may be more likely to have one because the horoscope helped me to be in a positive frame of mind. If it warns against problems, I'll likely spend some time thinking about possible solutions.

They can give you something to think about. Sometimes your horoscope can give you some ideas about things to do or what direction you may want to go in life. It can get you thinking about starting a new project, taking a chance on love, doing something to improve your relationships or just doing a little self-improvement.

It's fun to read about yourself. Sometimes your horoscope can hit the nail on the head when it describes you. Not all of it may sound like you. I'm a Sagittarius, and while people born under this sign are supposed to be athletic, I most certainly am not. Still, some of the characteristics and behavior your horoscope may describe can sound just like you. You almost feel like the person writing it knows you.

They can offer guidance and encouragement. Sometimes horoscopes can help us make choices. They can help us identify the good and bad points about our options. And once in a while, my horoscope will make me feel better if I'm feeling down about a situation. The horoscope may point to challenges or tough times ahead, but it will also tell me that I am strong enough to get through it. Reaffirming your good qualities and your abilities may be a way to take the edge off the bad news in the horoscope, but it does help with maintaining a positive attitude.

They can help you look forward to the future. It's always fun to see what your horoscope says the future has in store for you. It may not be accurate, and it may not affect your life plans, but at least it can give you a positive outlook.

Whether you believe in it or not, astrology can offer some great insights. No matter what your future holds, it could very well be in the stars.

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