Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Remembering my Mother

With this Sunday being Mother's Day, I decided to remember my Mom today. She's been gone for almost ten years, and I really do miss her.

I've realized more and more over the last few years how she really held our family together. I feel like without her, our family has fallen apart, and I don't have the magic touch she had to bring everyone together.

I am very proud of my Mom. She was a struggling single parent who worked hard to become a nurse. She had a great career; she specialized in home health care the last few years of her life. I met some of her patients and could see how much they loved and respected her. She was an awesome nurse, and I can honestly say she was an awesome Mom.

Though we had our differences, as all mothers and daughters do, we were very close. We saw each other through some tough times during our journey together. We shared a bond that couldn't be broken, and I always knew that I was loved.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Wherever you are.

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