Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twenty Reasons to be Happy Right Now

I have been feeling kind of down lately, so today I decided to come up with a list of twenty reasons to be happy right now. Big or small (the little things are important too), no matter how trite, I wanted to include as much as I could.

  1. The weather's been nice and most of the snow has melted - for now. (Right after I busted my hump shoveling the driveway - isn't that typical:))

  2. I was able to shovel the driveway all by myself. (accomplishment!)

  3. I have two great cats.

  4. I live in a free country - let's hear it for democracy!

  5. I have lost five pounds.

  6. My new shower curtain is here and ready to be put up.

  7. I just ate a Nestle Crunch heart (may have to cancel #5).

  8. I made a donation for earthquake relief in Haiti, and last month I made a donation to the City Mission. Doing a little good makes you feel good.

  9. I have some really great friends.

  10. Oooh - instant message just doinked - Facebook friend request just confirmed.

  11. I finally got transferring pictures from my digital camera onto my computer to work.

  12. I'm not hating the way my hair looks right now.

  13. I have both feet on the ground.

  14. I have two awesome nephews.

  15. I have many fond memories.

  16. I haven't made a lot of mistakes, and the ones I've made I learned from.

  17. My pantry and fridge are full and the kitties have plenty of food - I am ready if we have a blizzard!

  18. I like myself, and I know that others like me.

  19. The world is a beautiful place, and the news has had some very uplifting stories lately - like the rescue in Haiti. Restores your faith in mankind.

  20. I have hope that this year will be great!

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