Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter's Good Side

Winter definitely has a bad reputation. And for good reason. Between the snow, ice and relentless cold, it bullies us, ruins our plans, causes damage and often makes us feel depressed.

Yeah, winter can be downright scary, but it can be an enjoyable time of year though. It is after all the only time one can enjoy tobogganing or skiing, or just a good old snowball fight.

Winter isn't easy on me these days because of the MS. I find myself having to go into major survival mode to get through it. Plodding through the snow, brushing off the car, trying to shovel by myself before finally calling in reinforcements - it all gets to be a bit much. But I like to use the strength and determination I have, even in the frigid cold, just to let Old Man Winter and MS know what I think of them and where they both can go!

Depression definitely does set in when the snow piles up, and keeps piling up. But I find that a steaming cup of hot cocoa helps take the edge off, along with the pretty frost patterns on the windows or the sound of neighborhood kids enjoying their "snow day" off school. And of course I don't let the snow stop me from my year-round task of feeding the birds and squirrels!

Winter can be a very trying time, but it does possess a certain beauty in spite of all the obstacles it creates. It's hard not to see it in a perfect snow-covered landscape, or the way the sunlight makes the snow sparkle.

So when I have to shovel a path to get to the birdfeeder, or when I take off my wet boots after having to trudge through the snow, I find myself feeling grateful - for two different reasons- for the opportunity to do these things.

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