Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leave Me Alone! (Spending Time With Yourself)

With all of the ways we can connect with each other these days, and since we can't seem to live without our "phone", it makes you wonder, how can we ever really get time to ourselves? People can track us down wherever we are via phone, text, tweet. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all.

Spending some time alone is essential for contentment and stress relief. We need time to decompress after a hard week at work or just dealing with all of life's little everyday stresses. Having some time to be alone with your thoughts and relax is a must to improve your mood and re-energize yourself. In order to really be alone for a while, you have to:

Remove all distractions. Push everything and everyone away for a while. Okay, I have my house to myself, I have an advantage. There are no kids or husband to send away, but sometimes I just have to let the cats go play outside for a while! Turn off the cell phone and computer. Don't give in to the demands of your ringtone, email, or that stack of bills waiting to be paid.

Find a quiet spot you can have all to yourself, your own personal retreat. It could be as simple as your deck or your bathtub. Just take some time to relax and enjoy your stress-free oasis. I like to put on my favorite music to help me unwind, maybe light some scented candles or do a crossword puzzle.

Getting out of the house and spending time in a place where you can be surrounded by nature are also great stress relievers. I find the park or my backyard are great places to spend time alone and reflect. I also like to just get in the car and go for a drive around my favorite neighborhoods.

Whether you want to hit the mall and do some shopping, treat yourself to lunch at that new cafe, or spend an afternoon wandering through a museum, just make sure you leave the techno-gadget in the car, so you can truly have time to spend with yourself.

The things we need to do won't go anywhere if we go off by ourselves for a while. And just because we have phone and internet we can take everywhere, that doesn't mean we have to.

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