Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Summer Afternoon

It's a quiet day today. One of those days when you can sit back and do nothing. Just relax and enjoy. I spent a while sitting in the back yard earlier, had a Popsicle, and took some time to be alone with my thoughts. It was nice just being outdoors, observing the little things going on. I watched one of my cats stalk a squirrel; he seemed unfazed by her as he kept on eating the 'squirrel chow' I bought the other day. Meanwhile, the other cat was curled up in a pile of leaves that were raked but not yet picked up (how can I now, when he is enjoying them so much?)

The weather is perfect - warm, but not muggy. A pleasant surprise, since I had thought it was going be much hotter today. Just the right amount of breeze is blowing, gently rustling the leaves. After a cloudy morning, the sun came out. The day lilies are almost ready to bloom, and my new flowers are growing. Well, the ones in the containers anyway. Not sure about the new dianthus I put in the ground, but they are right next to the already established dianthus, so maybe they'll get some encouragement.

A day like today is a good time to reflect. To think about the way things are going, and life in general, and maybe try to see things in a more positive light. To let the ideal weather work its magic on you, and let go of stress for a while. I have had a lot weighing on my mind lately, and for now I am just glad to be here, at this home that I love so much.

One of life's simple pleasures - enjoying some quiet time in your own back yard. It may not be the beach at an island resort, but today, it feels like paradise to me.

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