Friday, May 13, 2011

The Fight

With the arrival of spring, I can't help but be reminded that soon I will have the summer heat to contend with. Basically, the heat intensifies the fatigue I already feel every day. It's just part of the ongoing fight between me and MS, the condition I have been dealing with for the past eleven years.

We weren't always at odds with one another. In the beginning MS pretty much left me alone, but for a while now, MS seems to want to push me around, and is always challenging me. While my invisible opponent does have an unfair advantage, and does not fight fair, I feel I am a formidable contender.

Sometimes we go several rounds in a day as I push through the fatigue trying to get things done. It's like standing up to a bully and refusing to back down. It's not easy. Sometimes I get tired of the struggling. Sometimes I get so angry with this illness that I ball my hands into fists, challenging it right back.

It takes determination. I can't let MS keep me from doing things. It has already messed with my life enough. MS pushes, and I push back. Fighting back makes me feel good. I feel like it energizes me, and it helps me to stay positive. I feel proud of myself for being strong enough to keep fighting.

MS will not knock me out. I will stay on my feet. No matter how hard the fight, I will come out on top.

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